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Without a doubt we live in a very broken world. As we face the uncertainty of our troubled generation, we cannot afford to turn away from the counsel of the word of God. In a very penetrating manner, Dr. Bernard Stephenson, in his book, “Steps to Wholeness”, establishes principles to restore hope, restoration and wholeness. It is the path for both individuals and the nations of the world to come back into alignment with their creator.  Author Bernard Stephenson clearly shares the journey back to full restoration. The author deals with the issues plaguing humanity but also God’s remedy. This is a must read and get ready you are about to embark on an incredible journey of truth to freedom.
I love this kind of books! The practical working of becoming like Jesus is the best journey any follower of Jesus can take. God has given us His Holy Spirit to help us to put off stuff we don't need, and then put on all the character of Jesus and fruit of the Spirit. Bernard's four steps to wholeness are very practical, as well as, life giving steps based on solid Bible examples. As you get to know Bernard through this book, you will see his heart for seeing everyone on this journey into wellness.
Rev. Adauto Rezende Author of Poverty to Power
It is with great pleasure I take this opportunity to thank God for “Steps to Wholeness” Dr. Bernard Stephenson's revolutionary wisdom shines in new and unexpected ways with this masterwork. The book is not just a discussion on some subjects, but it is a “Life Teaching Encyclopedia”. In this volume, he shared his great biography and meticulously pointed out the elements to live a victorious life as part of God’s ecosystem. As a physician and, theologian he shares his knowledge in both areas, offering to the readers a huge amount of wisdom in a
holistic way. He expressed his thoughts in some debatable doctrinal issues. The readers will also witness his zealous love for God and for people that motivated him to spend uncountable hours of hard-working and, dedication to placing this volume together.
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Steps to Wholeness – A complete, Bible-based, clearly-defined Discipleship Model and Restoration Plan that will reveal and demonstrate the steps to restore people, churches, the nations and the land. Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho and the Jordan River – are not only steps in the grooming of Elisha to become a whole...

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