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Steps To Wholeness – Coming Soon

Finally, a book has arrived on the market that will bridge the knowledge gap and shed light on the Natural Model that will give scientific credence to our faith and values, including a theology of pain and suffering. Steps to Wholeness is God’s roadmap to wholeness for the nations, both people and land, and the steps to making normal, kingdom-minded, and Spirit-led leaders like Elisha.

Elisha was groomed to take over from Elijah so God took him on a journey, not only to make him into that normal, Spiritual leader, but to reveal his and every human being’s role, purpose and responsibility in life — you are part of a whole – the kingdom of God/ ecosystem – that you must seek to preserve and/or restore.

Paul said in Rom. 1:18-20 that the unseen is understood by what is seen. Natural Law/Order sheds light on God and His Divine Order.

Jacob saw the stairs connecting Earth with Heaven- the interface of the physical and the Spiritual, the natural and the Divine, the ecosystem and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Psalm 85:10-13 reveals the interplay of truth, righteousness, love and overall wellbeing that is the Natural Model described in the book.

There has been a void in knowledge in the Church and in academic institutions throughout the world with respect to Natural Law and its interface with Divine Order. Steps to Wholeness will bridge that gap and fill that void.

There is a whole that we were all born into. Systems theory helps us understand this whole and its workings. Steps to Wholeness will help everyone and everything merge safely and completely into the highway of wholeness that is our ecosystem and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Can you imagine how life would be if you take advantage of all of God’s grace, blessings, and keys of the kingdom? If and when you apply every principle and truth contained in this book you can experience life in all its fullness. It can enrich and empower you, your family, your organization; and eventually your city, the nations and even our planet.

“Our Heavenly Father knows best”

Truth must lead to a life of righteousness and loving kindness which will result in fullness of life, i.e. abundant life, quality life.

Truth application will set you free/ give you confidence/ empower you/ enrich you, those you help, your environment, city, nation, and planet.

Steps to Wholeness can enrich anyone who reads and applies its truths.

So read it, apply its truths, share its truths and give as a gift to those you want to bless.

On the other hand, failure will result in dislocation, failure to thrive, uselessness, pain and suffering, and eventually, death and destruction

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