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Steps to Wholeness – Review

Here what some people have to say about The Book Steps to Wholeness

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Steps to Wholeness is a helpful guide to the path of personal healing and restoration. Using many Biblical examples, Bernard Stephenson explains how to have the right relationship with God that will set you free. This book will help you chart a new direction for your life.

My first reaction to this book was “Wow”!  My continued response is still “Wow!”  My fuller consideration does lead me to the question: What kind of person would know all this information? And, be brave and honest enough to write this book? My appraisal of Bernard Stephenson, after fellowshipping in a variety of divine appointments and opportunities is that he is one of few writers that could and has lived out many of the restorative steps of God’s plan. His life’s focus over these years of birthing “Steps to Wholeness” has also been sharpened by real life experiences.  This manual has readable and applicable steps for each stage of the restoration process. The person, who will pursue this material honestly, will be able to see measurable steps of progress. This progress will continue to manifest in new and improved lives and relationships for today and forever. It is my pleasure to commend the author first and then to congratulate him on this masterpiece on God’s full plan of restoration for individuals, families, churches and indeed the broader society that will hear it. The Lord bless all who read this book!

Bernard Stephenson is a man of character and excellence who has a heart to see all come into their God given destiny including through wholeness and healing of past wounds.  Through Biblical lessons occurring in Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho and the Jordan River and using creative writing and stories, Bernard shows how freedom can be obtained. The importance of morality and living God’s best is outlined on a personal and corporate scale in this work as we see the consequences of actions taken – for good or destruction. “Steps to Wholeness” leads one into hope for change. Indeed, our past does not need to be an excuse for our future as the power of the cross of Jesus Christ has paid it all. May all who read this work experience transformation.

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